Towards the tail end of the summer of 2K9, Ooloo Clothing Company was first imagined among friends in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. The Vision: To bring a creatively designed lifestyle brand to the planet that focuses on quality, and is representative of life as we know it. Ooloo strives to blur the lines between urban and prep, and produce nothing but fresh.

In Toronto, the outlook on life is slightly different from the rest of the world. It is educated and influenced by a variety of cultural flavours, backgrounds, and perspectives. Also, it is understood that we all share much more in common than is generally thought and discussed. Every day, life, music, and culture come together, and it is apparent that we live and breathe the future here. Experiences, appreciations, and interpretations of life have all played an integral role in conceptualizing Ooloo Clothing Company.

Sky’s the limit, and you know that we’ll keep on, just keep on pressing on. Representing T.O., and Canada, to the fullest.