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don’t wanna jinx anything …

But we may finally be launching as early as next weekend, thx to Henny & May coming thru on such short notice! Stay tuned my non-existents. p.s. Shouts to Eeb with the dope little “sampler” set Friday night! Keep your … Read more…

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Beatchild, Tingsek, Ebrahim @ Lula Lounge May 28th

Check out our homey Ebrahim tomorrow night at Lula Lounge with Beatchild and Tingsek! Definitely gonna kill it! If you don’t know, now you’ll know.

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Albert Einstein says…

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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respect & VC

It was kinda sad watching Vince Carter prove that he clearly isn’t a top dog in the NBA anymore. Never mind that he choked on the last two free throws. What is most evident now (and for awhile actually) is … Read more…

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delays & lebron

The launch date keeps getting pushed back, but with good reason. There’s no way I will allow an unfinished project to be released. Just a few more things to get out of the way and this will finally be up … Read more…

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pixels by patrick jean

dope nostalgic stuff…

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double standards lol

Why is it okay for older women to openly talk about dating/fucking with Justin Bieber, but it’s taboo for men to talk about Miley Cyrus? Not that I do. I’m just saying. Okay now I look like a perv.

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