Big up to Ron Artest for winning the ring and providing some of the best post-game interview content
of all time.

Just as he said he would, he has dropped his new track “Champion.” Is it me, or is this 100 times better than anything he’s released in the past? LOL. The man was inspired, what can I say. COP THAT! Haha!

The Cookin’ Soul trio of producers out of Spain linked up with Don Cannon to throw together this FREE remix mixtape of Drake’s entire album, called “Thank Us Later”.

Drake’s team hasn’t even released acapellas of his tracks yet and these guys somehow ripped out the voices anyway. They also added live instruments and their own sounds to the beats, and in some ways made some tracks even more dope than they already were!

Maybe Drake can get these guys on the next album for beats? Not to take away from 40 or Boi-1da though… absolutely love their production.

This is a must download - trust us - and you can get it FREE here:

Dope track by J. Cole, and video by BBGUN, who directed his Simba video (which was ill as well). They’re getting good at filming these seemingly continuous videos eh?

We hope everyone’s taking some time out of their day to appreciate what they are blessed to have.

You can call this an official Ooloo review of Drake’s “Thank Me Later” album which was finally released June 15th. Ever since I first got a hold of “So Far Gone” very early last year - and bumped it in my ride endlessly - I thought that having Kanye West executive produce his entire commercial project would’ve been the “must have” priority on his list. As an aside, it was his “Sooner Than Later” track that got me into the mixtape… weird huh? I actually place many of the other tracks on it above “Best I Ever Had”, but who am I to argue over what should be popular or not.

Anyway, Drake’s blend of slick R&B inspired melodies, tightly written verses, and catchy hooks was the breath of fresh air that everyone needed. Blending that freshness with Kanye’s futuristic melodic production just seemed perfect; he always tries new sounds on every project, always pushing forward. Of course things didn’t work out this way. He linked with Weezy, inked with Young Money/Cash Money, and I honestly thought this was going to mess up the direction and sound of his music. Continue…

Ooloo Clothing Company has officially launched. It has been a long time coming.

Sorry for being late, but I believe we’re right on time. :P

It feels great that there’s finally something to show for all these months of work. But every aspect of it - especially the people I’ve met - has been an experience like no other. Hopefully things will continue this way from this point forward.

Hopefully everyone appreciates Ooloo in it’s entirety, as well. For those that do, thank you ahead of time for your support.

There is no cause for celebration. Nothing substantial has been done yet. This is only the beginning…

Now the real game begins.