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Ooloo Clothing Company

Towards the tail end of the summer of 2K9, Ooloo Clothing Company was first imagined among friends in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. The Vision: To bring a creatively designed lifestyle brand to the planet that focuses on quality, and is representative of life as we know it. Ooloo strives to blur the lines between urban and prep, and produce nothing but fresh.

In Toronto, the outlook on life is slightly different from the rest of the world. It is educated and influenced by a variety of cultural flavours, backgrounds, and perspectives. Also, it is understood that we all share much more in common than is generally thought and discussed. Every day, life, music, and culture come together, and it is apparent that we live and breathe the future here. Experiences, appreciations, and interpretations of life have all played an integral role in conceptualizing Ooloo Clothing Company.

::: Mission :::

Our mission is to represent, support, and inspire those who choose to stand up in life without fear or hesitation, creatively pursue the goals and dreams that honestly matter to them, and do it to the absolute best of their ability.

::: Official Logo / Trademark :::

Ooloo Clothing Company

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant on the planet and literally reaches for the skies; it has been known to exceed heights of 85 metres / 279 feet. It is also capable of growing and flourishing in diverse climates, from cold mountains to hot tropical regions.

Bamboo is used for food, construction, as well as medicinal purposes. It bends but does not easily break. It is versatile and beneficial in all facets of life. Various Asian cultures have considered bamboo to be a symbol of longevity, friendship, and even as a barrier against evil. It has also symbolized the ideas of hard work, optimism, unity, and adaptableness.

This is what represents Ooloo. Get it? :)

::: Invented for the Ingenious Individual :::

Our slogan is based on the fact that we are all capable of being creative, savvy, passion-driven individuals in this lifetime. Unfortunately, the noise of the world tends to get our signals fuzzy.

There will always be those who try to slander us and bring us down. There will always be an excuse to not do something. There will always be an excuse to not be someone. But when we worry too much about what others think and are consumed by self-defeating thoughts, the result is just that: self-defeat.

They say this life is but a dream, but we all know dreams can be cut short. The ingenious individual recognizes his/her position in life and takes control of it with everything they've got. It is the understanding that there is always a better way to think, do, and achieve. We are all in this together, and if it can be imagined, it can be made real.

All it takes is an idea. All it takes is a dream.

Brand Concept

::: Just Like Music :::

Music plays an astonishing role in everyone's lives around the globe. Ooloo is heavily influenced by the love of music, and inspired by the hard work, time, and creativity that goes behind it. You can always tell when an artists' album is well-constructed, has substance, and most importantly, comes from the soul.

True music artists are able to sonically translate emotions, ideas, and even truth itself into something powerful, yet simple and listenable. When done right, they connect with the listener in a way that is both incredible and inexplicable.

::: Generation :::

The Ooloo web store concept is based on the structure of an artist's album. Consider each generation of products our rendition of an album. For our graphical elements, individual designs represent a particular idea or philosophy, much like the individual tracks of an album. Organized together, every design helps to illustrate the generation as a whole.

Here on the site, we tell only part of the story. And like music, the rest is up to you to interpret, embellish, and create your own connection. If we are able to connect with you on another level via each generation of designs, then we have achieved what we set out to do.

It's one thing to wear something that is considered in or trendy, but it's another to wear clothing with substance, ingenuity, and purpose behind it.

Shipping & Payment Info

::: Paypal :::

The Ooloo web store is currently only accepting payments through Paypal, as well as credit card payments via Paypal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Paypal is a trusted worldwide standard for online shopping, so rest assured that your personal information will remain safe and secure. Please refer to the official Paypal website for further documentation regarding your information privacy.

::: Shipping :::

When your order is placed, we will make sure that your items are shipped out the following business day. Orders placed late Saturday or Sunday will be shipped out the following Monday. If for any reason there is an unforeseeable delay in our process, we will be sure to let you know via email.

::: Returns / Exchange :::

Because generations are produced in very limited runs, we do not take returns for exchange, or credit. Please make sure you have chosen the correct size of your item(s) before finalizing your purchase.

If you have received goods that have been damaged, and you did not damage them yourself, please ship them back to the return address in the condition they were received. Once received, we will process your return within 1-2 days, and payment will be issued back to you via the Paypal account or credit card you used to purchase the goods. Items are only eligible for return within 14 days of order delivery date.

We are not responsible for return shipping costs. We also recommend you take out insurance on your return, as Ooloo Clothing Company cannot be responsible for lost packages.

::: Return Address :::

Ooloo Clothing Company
4839 Leslie St.
P.O. Box 20027
Toronto, ON, M2J 2K0

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.